Ghosts are often depicted in movies and television shows as something to fear; but in reality, most of the time Soul Seekers' paranormal investigations have shown that ghosts simply need love and guidance, which we are happy to offer. Learn more about investigations and clearings.

Spiritual Mediumship

Have you ever wished you could have the opportunity to talk with a passed loved-one just one more time? To let them know you how much you care; to offer an apology or just to be sure they are in a happy place. Believe it or not, many spirits want the same opportunity: to share an important message of love and learning. With the help of Soul Seekers medium, Carol Cottrell, that opportunity is possible. Click here to learn more about our Soul Seekers medium.

Energy Healing

When our energy is negative, it can have an unpleasant effect on our physical and emotional being, sometimes causing illness or depression. Our Soul Seekers energy healer can help release negative energy and bring a new, positive outlook like the sun once again shining on your mind, body and soul.

Intuitive Counseling

Beyond the black and white are shades of gray that allow a counselor to see more than what is at the surface. With the ability to recognize underlying needs, Soul Seekers' intuitive counselor can help clients address something much deeper with wisdom that comes from beyond the physical realm. Learn more about Soul Seekers' intuitive counseling services.

"Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open." - Lord Thomas Dewar